Kingdom of Heaven

Year: 2005

Director: Ridley Scott

Kingdom of heaven

Kingdom of Heaven tries to provide a glimpse into the era of crusades. It is a tale of a blacksmith who chooses to serve the christian king of Jersulam and in the process acheives knighthood. Directed by Ridley Scott whose Gladiator was a huge hit.

Orlando Bloom looks more comfortable while digging wells to prosperity out of his dry land, than when he faces the enemies in the battlefield. The doomed king of Jerusalam, who is a leper, King’s sister who falls in love with Orlando .. and a few other characters make the movie interesting.

The movie which goes in snails pace in the first half and turns interesting in the later half. It really catches every one’s attention when they decide to assemble the army and proceed to lanuch an assault on the Muslims.

Orlando who decided to stay back to protect the city of Jerusalem and it’s people finally after a valiant fight negotiates and surrenders Jerusalem to stop the bloodshed. The battle scenes are shot brilliantly but not the best. We have seen better war movies. The background score for the movie is not bad.

With some nice Camera work, locations and some special effects, the overall package makes an interesting watch. The movie runs for more than two hours.