Ashes and the Cinderalla Man

England have won the Ashes after 16 years. And I happy for that. But why am I excited for this win? Is it because of the fact that I live there? I think it is because they are the underdogs and that gives me a sense of confidence.

Even with the weather playing spoilsport there was lot of exciting cricket in offer today. From Shane Warne’s bowling to Pieterson’s strokeplay to Ashley Giles chance to show his prowesness with the willow, today would have been a memorable day for those who were in the Oval.

Cinderalla ManAnd after office I went to the UGC to watch ‘Cindrella Man’. This is one of the best holywood movies that I had a chance to watch this year. In fact I would rate this second only to ‘Crash’.

Well done Ron Howard and Russel Crowe. I did watch quite a few boxing movies recently (from Million Dollar Baby to Kumaran S/o Mahalakshmi 🙂 ) and was a bit hesitant today to watch this today when one of friend invited me. But in the end I was happy that I did watch this.