Fedora Core 3 Released

Fedora LogoFedora Core 3 is now available on all the mirrors and also in the torrent. Keeping in track with Redhat’s policy of 2-3 releases every year, this new version has come out within six months from the release of Fedora Core 2.

It is good for the OSS community, in the sense that there are a lot of projects that keeps up the pace of development, all the time. But do we really need such quick releases and shorter life spans for Linux distributions? Doesn’t this increase the FUD among the new users?

Some time ago I moved my personal systems to Debian from Fedora. It is true that I always run versions of software that are on the bleeding edge of technology and want to test newer versions as and when they come out. But I like to manually upgrade individual software when I want to.

But… the end users? Do they need a stable and secure OS with a longer life cycle? Or do they need a a linux distro like Fedora?