Category: Software

  • ‘node-origins’ Feature – Subversion

    Subversion Error Message: svn: The ‘node-origins’ feature requires version 3 of the filesystem schema; filesystem ‘/var/svn/projects/db’ uses only version 2 Fix: If you see this error message after upgrading Subversion, run svnadmin upgrade to upgrade the databases, and then run svnadmin recover file:///var/svn/projects

  • Apache::Logmonster

    An interesting piece of software. Need to look at this when I have some time. Apache::Logmonster – Apache log file splitter, processor, sorter, etc

  • WordPress 1.6

    Just took a few minutes to upgrade this WordPress instance to the latest development version. The new admin interface is too cool that I can’t wait to start using it. WP 1.6 when it comes out can only be much better than what I see in the current development branch.

  • Windows Recovery Console

    I hate those days when I have use the Windows Recovery Console. Even after using Ghost and other backup solutions, one user or the other, forces me to pursue this painful excercise. So, here I am, waiting for more than 95 mins for CHKDSK to complete and this lazy computer is still at 24%.

  • Indic Developer Challenge

    So Microsoft is conducting a contest for the students to develop applications in Indian languages. Some of the categories for the contest are: – Most innovative Indic Enabled Web application – Best Application Documentation or Tutorial for the Submitted Application – Best Indic Enabled Software Application – Most Innovative Office application Well… Why can’t the…

  • Crossed 50,000,000 miles and still going strong

    Firefox has rolled over the 50,000,000 downloads line. The news gets even better. To commemorate the occasion, they are giving away 50 special edition coins, printed T-shirts and a whole lot of other goodies. Way to go!

  • Exploring Gentoo

    The last few days, I am playing with Gentoo Linux. I have read loads of reviews that talked highly about this distro. But even then I have to say that I am very much impressed by Gentoo’s speed and versatility. Looking at the last few years, I can see that I am regularly changing my…

  • Bugzilla attack on

    Someone according to Gemal’s Blog launched an attack on He or She changed the status on all the open bugs into Resolved Fixed with the following comment. these bugs are not from me they where on there when i bought the computer The basic desing of Bugzilla allows any one to sign up and…

  • Running Windows viruses with Wine

    “Matt Moen” shares his experience of “Running Windows viruses with Wine” in Newsforge. Of the five viruses he tested on Wine only SomeFool managed to affect the Linux system. But it was not able to propogate. The other four viruses are also popular viruses like Klez, MyDoom, Sobig and SCO.

  • Firefox crosses 20 million downloads