Category: Open source

  • WordPress 1.6

    Just took a few minutes to upgrade this WordPress instance to the latest development version. The new admin interface is too cool that I can’t wait to start using it. WP 1.6 when it comes out can only be much better than what I see in the current development branch.

  • Crossed 50,000,000 miles and still going strong

    Firefox has rolled over the 50,000,000 downloads line. The news gets even better. To commemorate the occasion, they are giving away 50 special edition coins, printed T-shirts and a whole lot of other goodies. Way to go!

  • Firefox 1.0 (p)review

    For nearly an year now, me and Firefox have become unseparable. Ever since I started using this browser, I have talked about this browser to hundreds of people. This is certainly the best thing to have happened to the Internet in recent times. With the launch of version 1.0, Firefox has clearly proved that it…

  • Suse Linux Personal Edition – Free Download

    German based SUSE which normally does not provide free downloads of its distribution has now anounced a free edition of its personal Linux edition. SUSE Linux 9.1 personal is now available for download from SUSE’s FTP server and also from its mirrors. I have always rated SUSE higher than other major distributions for a personal…

  • releases new version has anounced the availability of version 1.1.2 of its open source office suite The new version for the first time comes with the FontOOo Autopilot, which downloads and installs fonts.’s release announcement also claims that a lot of bugs have been fixed through this new release. The software is available for free…