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Suse Linux Personal Edition – Free Download

SUSE LogoGerman based SUSE which normally does not provide free downloads of its distribution has now anounced a free edition of its personal Linux edition. SUSE Linux 9.1 personal is now available for download from SUSE’s FTP server and also from its mirrors.

I have always rated SUSE higher than other major distributions for a personal Linux desktop. This move will push SUSE further into the desktop Linux market which is a fast growing market.

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4 Responses

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  1. visvesvaran says

    hi Navanee

    I downloaded the .iso image file of Suse 9.0 (700mb file). I went thru the installation manual (a small text file) and even downloaded the rawrite.exe for windows.

    However, to my dismay

    1. the CD containing the .ISO file does not boot (as mentioned in the file)
    2. there is no .img file that rawrite requires to open.

    Pls help!

  2. visvesvaran says

    err. read the version as 9.1 instead of 9.0. i downloaded the .iso image from the hyperlink at website

  3. visvesvaran says

    The problem was in the way i had burnt the CD. i was able to visit few linux forums and was able to burn a ‘proper’ copy.

    Suse is indeed cool

  4. navan says

    Suse is indeed cool

    Good to hear that from you. I am glad to see that more and more people are now looking into Linux as a desktop OS.

    BTW if you want a Linux distribution with a decent support for Tamil, then you can try Mandrake.