Explosion on London Underground

Several hurt in ‘Tube explosion’

At this moment no one knows what is really going on. It looks like London’s underground network is completely closed. There are news of multiple blast in London Underground, people injured in Liverpool Street station, and explosions in three buses.

Telegraph – Walking wounded after blast Underground

Financial Express – Explosions cause caos


– British Transport Police said the incident, reported at at 8.49am on the Metropolitan Line between Liverpool Street and Aldgate, was thought to have been caused by a collision between two trains, a power cut or a power cable exploding.
– Union: ‘Explosive device’ on Tube

– 20 deaths have been confirmed – says LBC radio.

Update: 11:20

Listening to BBC radio… The Police has a very short but clear message for the people in London.

– Please stay whereever you are. The whole of London Transport is in stand still at the moment.
– Do not call emergency unless if it is an emergency situation.