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  • ‘node-origins’ Feature – Subversion

    Subversion Error Message: svn: The ‘node-origins’ feature requires version 3 of the filesystem schema; filesystem ‘/var/svn/projects/db’ uses only version 2 Fix: If you see this error message after upgrading Subversion, run svnadmin upgrade to upgrade the databases, and then run svnadmin recover file:///var/svn/projects

  • Change of hosts

    I am moving all the websites under to a ageing laptop in my home. The DNS changes are propogating at the moment. In the mean while, I am taking backups of databases and files from the current hosting provider and importing them to my new system. If everything works to my satisfaction, I’ll cancel…

  • Gmail with Fetchmail

    If you have a Gmail account and would like to use it in conjunction with your personal computers, this tutorial will walk you through configuring and installing the latest version of Postfix with SASL authentication and TLS encryption necessary for connecting and relaying mail to and configuring fetchmail with STARTTLS to fetch messages from…

  • Google Mail in the UK

    Gmail gets a new name in the UK. Following a dispute regarding the trademark of the name ‘GMAIL’ google has anounced that new accounts will be under a new domain name ‘’. What will happen to those from UK who currently uses a address. Unfortunately there is no clear message at this point of…

  • Offline Blogging clients – 1

    This is the second series of experiments I am conducting with the offline blog clients. The last time when I tested a few clients, I found nothing to my liking. But this time, things look promosing.. at least at the moment. I am currently evaluating two pieces of software Zoundry & Post2Blog This is the…

  • Wikipedia’s Amazing Growth

    As an occasional contributor to the Wikipedia project, I often visit Wikipedia pages. The amount of growth Wikipedia has gone through in recent days is just brilliant. With the decline of DMOZ, pages like these are helpful a lot. I was in a mood to try few new ‘News Aggregators’. In olden days I would…

  • WordPress 1.6

    Just took a few minutes to upgrade this WordPress instance to the latest development version. The new admin interface is too cool that I can’t wait to start using it. WP 1.6 when it comes out can only be much better than what I see in the current development branch.

  • Satellite images – Before and after Katrina – Satellite Imagery of New Orleans(link)

  • Fans Vs Fanatics

  • Photoblog

    I am currently playing with Pixelpost for photoblogging. The photoblog is online at