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  • Explosion on London Underground

    Several hurt in ‘Tube explosion’ At this moment no one knows what is really going on. It looks like London’s underground network is completely closed. There are news of multiple blast in London Underground, people injured in Liverpool Street station, and explosions in three buses. – Telegraph – Walking wounded after blast Underground – Financial…

  • What is my IQ?

    It has been long time since I last took an IQ test. Today I took this IQ test and scored 130, which I think is not bad. It is not good either. This is what the result had to say about me. I am happy that I still retain a bit of mathematical mind. You’ve…

  • E-readiness

    Economist has a report on the E-readiness of of the 65 largest economies in the world. The factors considered include broadband and mobile-phone penetration, as well as government regulation. Denmart ranks first, followed by United States. Uk is on 5th position and India takes the 49th position.

  • Labours on victory path

    The counting has started and Labour party has won 17 seats and the Conservatives 1 of the 18 seats declared so far. Just like the rundown to the election, the election coverage by the television networks are also boring.

  • /. on India’s progress

    News of India launching a stereo imaging satellite is beeing slashdotted today with the usual dose of “India is a poor country – They should be spending this money on education and healthcare instead – Waste of tax payer’s money” advices from some. All I can say to those responses is “Come on guys… get…

  • 2005 :: Year of the Wikis

    Every one believes that 2005 will be year of the wikis. Like blogs which dominated last year, this year WIKI be the buzzword. This month’s Linux Magazine features Wikis and other personal publishing tools as the main story. Now this reminds me of the Tamil Computer Wiki that I started a few months back. Time…

  • Crossed 50,000,000 miles and still going strong

    Firefox has rolled over the 50,000,000 downloads line. The news gets even better. To commemorate the occasion, they are giving away 50 special edition coins, printed T-shirts and a whole lot of other goodies. Way to go!

  • End of 2,700-year exodus for India’s lost tribe of Jews

  • Network powered computers

    UK based dspdesign has launched a computer that does not need a separate power cable. The computer can be powered solely by a single CAT5 Ethernet cable. The new model named as POET6000 uses a flat panel for display. IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet technology allows the system to use a single cable for both power…

  • Viewing tamil pages with Mozilla

    Mozilla Firefox and other Gecko based browsers are plagued by a rather annoying bug where Tamil (Unicode) pages that use ‘letter-spacing’ or ‘text-align: justify’ tags are rendered incorrectly. Voice on Wings has published a decent hack work-around for this problem. Windows 98 users can read this.