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  • Testing Mini Blog

    Wow!!! I like this mini post functionality in Blix. This is cool. Is n’t it!?

  • Wiki running on WordPress

    Following this from Photo Matt. Can not understand why a Wiki is running on WordPress.

  • 50 years on and still not eradicated

    It is 50 years since the fight against polio started. The first inoculations of children against polio began in 1954. The first vaccine against polio was invented by Jonas Salk in 1952. However it was only after Albert Sabinin, 1962 produced the oral polio vaccine in 1962, the fight against polio gained momentum. WHO(World Health…

  • Website Changes

    It is time for some more changes to the site. This time around I am moving my English blog to and the root folder of this domain will be setup as an aggregator blog, that will aggregate the articles from all my blogs. So now I can show a single location and a single…

  • This picture says it all

    So this is third consecutive win for Pakistan in this series. Can India come back in the last ODI?

  • WP Upgraded

    I have finished upgrading the WordPress installations on my three weblogs. They all now run a latest nightly build of WP 1.5. In addition I took some time to redo the design. The new template is based on Arzel-X2. But I have moved the top navigation bar a bit, so that visitors can easily navigate…

  • Free/Open Source Software Blog

    Sometimes I get this feeling that I am trying my hands on too many different things. From yesterday, I have started blogging on FOSS. Right now I can’t tell why I need to have a separate blog for this. Why not just add a new category on this blog itself? Somehow I have this feeling…

  • Second Term

    I am not an American and I don’t live in the US. But even then the JibJab brother makes me laugh with their every new release. This new release “second term” is not as funny as their previous creations. Even then I loved every bit of it. Today, they made my day. Go watch it.…

  • Open Source Learning Management Systems

    I am at present evaluating few Open Source LMS(Learning Management System) . The systems I have shortlisted are: 1. .LRN – 2. Atutor – 3. Bazaar – 4. KEWL – 5. Moodle – 6. Bodington – 7. Eledge – 8. Manhattan Virtual Classroom – These are not…

  • Top 10 Blogs

    There are two blogs amont the top 10 that I read every now and then. What about the the remaining ones? While all these blogs are very interesting, unfortunately some of them are not my cup of tea.