Top 10 Blogs

TechnoratiThere are two blogs amont the top 10 that I read every now and then. What about the the remaining ones? While all these blogs are very interesting, unfortunately some of them are not my cup of tea.

Technorati’s top list is based on link popularity of a blog. Here are the top ten blogs according to Technorati:    

  1. Boing Boing: A Directory of
    Wonderful Things
  2. Davenetics* Pop +
    Media + Web
  4. art 
  5. Penny – Arcade 
  6. Gizmodo 
  7. Daily Kos 
  8. Photologs and
    MoBlogs: Buzznet
  9. –
    Daily Dish
  10. ModBlog – iMike –
    Tastier than Acid Reflux