50 years on and still not eradicated

Dr. Albert SabininIt is 50 years since the fight against polio started. The first inoculations of children against polio began in 1954. The first vaccine against polio was invented by Jonas Salk in 1952. However it was only after Albert Sabinin, 1962 produced the oral polio vaccine in 1962, the fight against polio gained momentum.

WHO(World Health Organisation) which initially planned to eradicate polio completely by 2000, later setup 2004 as a deadline. However according to the latest reports, there are more than 1,200 cases throughout the world with some african countries counting for most of the cases. 129 cases are reported in India. Pakistan, Afganistan and Egypt are other countries were polio is still endemic.

There is a perfect vaccination available for polio and that it can be eradicated soon. Please make sure that all the children you know get the vaccination and also pass on the message to other uninformed people. Let us make Polio the second disease to be eradicated after ‘small pox’.