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  • Minimally Invasive Education

    Children in groups will learn on their own with little or no input from others, provided the learning environment induces an adequate level of curiosity. This is the hypothesis behind the successful experiment “Hole in the Wall”. What would happen if we provide poor illiterate children from the slum areas with unrestricted access to computer?…

  • Pope-ular Amul

    Amul India is always known for its cartoon advertisements. I really missed seeing those Amul adverts since I moved to UK, till today when I stumbled upon the Amul website. The website has a section featuring the hit cartoons. Here is the latest Amul advertisement featuring Pope Benedict XVI.

  • E-readiness

    Economist has a report on the E-readiness of of the 65 largest economies in the world. The factors considered include broadband and mobile-phone penetration, as well as government regulation. Denmart ranks first, followed by United States. Uk is on 5th position and India takes the 49th position.

  • Another milestone in India’s space technology

    India today used PSLV-C6 to place two more satellites – CARTOSAT-1 and HAMSAT in orbit. CARTOSAT-1: CARTOSAT-1 is the eleventh satellite in the Indian remote sensing satellite series. It is intended for cartographic applications. It carries two panchromatic cameras that take black-and-white stereoscopic pictures in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The imageries will…

  • India’s IT prodigals return home

    India feels like an exciting start-up company, while the West feels like a plodding large company – and that is why India’s IT prodigals return home

  • Indic Developer Challenge

    So Microsoft is conducting a contest for the students to develop applications in Indian languages. Some of the categories for the contest are: – Most innovative Indic Enabled Web application – Best Application Documentation or Tutorial for the Submitted Application – Best Indic Enabled Software Application – Most Innovative Office application Well… Why can’t the…

  • End of 2,700-year exodus for India’s lost tribe of Jews

  • 50 years on and still not eradicated

    It is 50 years since the fight against polio started. The first inoculations of children against polio began in 1954. The first vaccine against polio was invented by Jonas Salk in 1952. However it was only after Albert Sabinin, 1962 produced the oral polio vaccine in 1962, the fight against polio gained momentum. WHO(World Health…

  • South Africa – A competitor to India?

    The Economic Times has a news article on South Africa’s efforts to steal the call centre jobs from India. South Africa is emerging as a serious challenger to India to take away some of its call centre jobs , a report said here on Saturday. South Africa reckons it has a lot to offer British…

  • Could Nanotechnology be the answer?

    A recent news article in “The Hindu” reads, New Delhi, July 1. (PTI): Observing that nano technology (microscopic robotic machines) would revolutionise total concepts of future warfare, President APJ Abdul Kalam, today asked the country’s scientists to make a breakthrough in this cutting edge technology. Asserting that nano technology would lead to faster and ultra…