Could Nanotechnology be the answer?

A recent news article in “The Hindu” reads,

New Delhi, July 1. (PTI): Observing that nano technology (microscopic robotic machines) would revolutionise total concepts of future warfare, President APJ Abdul Kalam, today asked the country’s scientists to make a breakthrough in this cutting edge technology.

Asserting that nano technology would lead to faster and ultra miniaturised computers and would influence the strategic sectors with rolling out of nano satellites, stealth structures and nano vehicles and even smart clothes and shoes, Kalam said after their success in IT software, India should keep abreast of this amazing technology.

This surely is the voice of a man with a vision.

I have always my friends “For India to lead the world’s economy and technology the thrust has to come from some thing that is radically new. Some new technology with which we could revolutionise the world. Some technological breakthrough which will position India as a world leader, so that the other countries may need atleast five years to catch up with that technology.”

Could Nano technology be the answer to India’s quest for becoming a leader in technology. I hope this does not trigger a Nanotech Arms Races


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