WP Upgraded

I have finished upgrading the WordPress installations on my three weblogs. They all now run a latest nightly build of WP 1.5. In addition I took some time to redo the design.

The new template is based on Arzel-X2. But I have moved the top navigation bar a bit, so that visitors can easily navigate through the three weblogs. I am pleased with the way this has turned out.

6 responses to “WP Upgraded”

  1. Hi

    //Latest nightly build of wp 1.5//

    Will it pose a problem when the final stable version of 1.5 is released?

    Or, shall I stick to 1.22 and wait for the beta 1.5 to mature?
    The aim is to avoid the pain of upgarding too often.



  2. S.K.,

    The upgrade from beta to the final versoin should be a breeze. But as with any upgrades you should take a backup copy of your index.php, stylesheets (and templates in 1.5) before you do the upgrade.

    But, If you are happy with 1.22 then the best thing will wait for the final release. Though WP has n’t anounced any release date yet, I can see it coming soon as the beta version seems to be mature enough. So far I haven’t faced any major problems with this beta version that I am running.

  3. Thanks!

    I am fed up to the back teeth with the comment spam on my blog using b2.

    So, encouraged by your example, I am punging into wp 1.5 nightly (anyway, I am a computer owl eating into my sleeping hour daily!)



  4. Hi

    I have set it up. Ok.
    Please have a look at http://blog.cyberbrahma.com/

    But I am simply unable to upgrade from b2, rather, import b2 data into wordpress though I followed all the directions in the wiki and the forums.

    I think I shd post all of them either thru sql or manually adding rows 🙁

    I await your comments.