Google Mail in the UK

googlemailGmail gets a new name in the UK. Following a dispute regarding the trademark of the name ‘GMAIL’ google has anounced that new accounts will be under a new domain name ‘’.

What will happen to those from UK who currently uses a address. Unfortunately there is no clear message at this point of time.
This is what Google has to say about those accounts.

What if I’m a UK user who already has a Gmail address? Will that address ever change?
Unfortunately, we don’t know. We would love to say that your address will always remain the same. But the trademark issue is still unsettled, and unfortunately, we cannot predict what the other party or the courts might do here. You can always use your same username with an address to avoid this issue later on. But trust that we will do the best we can to make sure your email address won’t ever have to change.

I tested if address is active for my account by sending a test message from Gmail and Yahoo. The mail from Gmail never reached my inbox. On the other hand the message from YahooMail! took more than ten minutes to reach. So the is working. But now comes the question. Which one should I give to others from now onwards ‘’ or ‘’.
Confused 🙂