Movies.. Movies..

I have never been a serious blogger. I do blog only when I feel to. So it is not surprising that I am not updating my blogs frequently.

In fact, there were three-four nights in the last month when I sat down and started scribbling somthing for the blog, but then decided not to post them.

Off late I am watching a lot of movies. Not counting all the tamil movies that I usually watch, I am watching a lot of new hollywood releases.. at the rate of atleast one movie every week. Most of them pretty boring.

Among those movies that I watched in the last two months, these are my top 5 choices.

* Crash
* Dark Water
* Wedding Crashers
* Sin City
* Mr & Mrs Smith

’40 Year old virgin’ was just OK. The movie started well, but there was a long patch in the later half when it started boring. I expected this movie to be of more fun than this. ‘Dukes of Hazard’ to me was more entertaining than this.

The next movie on my list is ‘Red-Eye’. I hope to watch it sometime this week.