Telephone Spams

When I got my new BT number I made sure to exclude my number from the telephone directory. And I have never disclosed the number to any one. But I still get annoying spam messages on my answerphone.

I am getting frustrated with the number of spams I receive in my voice mailbox. This is the latest spam I received yesterday.

I do not understand what these guys are trying to achieve. Do people still fall for these kind of unsolocited messages? I am not stupid enough to call a premium rate number to listen to their prank. One more such message and I will be thinking of making a complaint with the authorities.

Quote from the voice message

Congradulations! your telephone number has been selected from the millions in our database as a winning number in today’s claim line giveaway.

You are guaranteed to to have won either a either a fantastic BMW mini cooper sport, a three weekend around the world cruise upto four people, a luxury weekend shopping trip to New York, a holiday for two people to the luxury island of Vanuatu, or today’s star prize of 5000 pounds in cash, by calling 0906 xxx xxxx before 9 pm tonite.

That is 0906 xxx xxxx
One of these luxury prizes is guaranteed to be yours today, as long as you claim before 9 pm.

Just remember you need to be over 18 years of age to enter. Have the bill payers permission. Know that the calls will cost 1.50 per minute, and the call will not last longer than 4 minutes.

The claim line number again is 0906 xxx xxxx
That is 0906 xxx xxxx.

Claim your award now by calling 0906 xxx xxxx.
That is 0906 xxx xxxx.

And one last time 0906 xxx xxxx.

Thanks for listening and have a great day.