Dumping Fedora Core

After having used Redhat/Fedora Linux distributions, for more that 6 years, I have finally decided that it is time for me to move away from the Redhat.

When Redhat last week announced the EOL(End of Life) for Fedora Core 1, I had no other option but to move away from this distribution which has clearly turned out to be Beta release for Redhat Enterprise offerings. Not every one subscribe to my views here. But I don’t want to use my system as a testing ground for a commercial product. I would rather do the testing for Debian Linux.

And so I have installed Debian on my laptop. And not surprisingly Debian Unstable performs much better and in fact is more stable than Fedora Core 2.

It is not that I am against Redhat. In fact I am grateful to Redhat for everything it has done to the Linux community. But these ‘short life spans’ for Linux distributions is something that has forced me to pull the shutters against this otherwise wonderful distribution.

2 responses to “Dumping Fedora Core”

  1. hi navan,
    I am not able to read your tamil blog in my Firefox browser ver.1.0. pls help.
    btw, have you tried suse9.1 personal desktop. I think that is the most userfriendly linux i hv ever seen. your comments plz

  2. Vicky: Have you installed any Unicode Tamil fonts on your computer? I have enabled a dynamic font on my blog. So you will be able to read the Tamil characters even if you don’t have a Tamil font. But… that will work only with IE.

    For Mozilla you need install a Unicode font. WIndows XP and 2000 comes with a font called Latha.

    Regarding SuSe 9.1 Personal Desktop, I have to agree that it is one of the user friendly linux distributions ever to come. And with Suse now being acquired by Novell one can expect more goodies to come out from Suse in the future.

    And what is more surprising is Suse recently GPLed their properietory YAST (control centre).

    My choice of Debian is not because it is user friendly, but it is one the very few distributions that retains the true spirit and values of Open Source movement. Also it is very powerful and stable.

    Also live CD distros like Knoppix and Kanotix are excellent choices for any one who wants to try Linux for the first time. They allow you to run Linux from a single CD/DVD without even modifying a single sector of ur hard drive.
    For example when I booted through the Kanotix Live CD, it booted me into the latest KDE and I had all the devices in my Laptops working perfectly. This includes the WLAN adapter and the soft modem in my Centrino. Also it comes with the latest 2.6.6. kernel, openoffice,Mozilla and Firefox. All in a single CD and what else can you ask for.