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  • Most haunted Operating System

    I rolled out Windows XP SP2(Service Pack) more than a month ago and was indeed impressed by the improvements. Everything was fine till this morning when my XP workstation in the office had a little surprise!!! for me. Arrived at office after an uneventful travel this morning, grabbed a cup of coffe, and logged into…

  • Releasing Tomorrow

  • Review: Windows XP SP2

    A report on XP SP2

  • Future of Spyware/Malware

    When was the last time you became a victim of a spyware/adware/trojan horse. Was it today, yesterday or last week? Or if you are a IT technician/Systems Administrator you are probably witnessing atleast one such incident everyday. We all know that most of the infections happen because of the ignorance of the users.

  • Netsky worm still on the wild

    Sven Jaschan was arrested more than 2 months ago for allegedly writing and distributing the Netsky and Sasser worms. This guy may now be in safe custody. But the worms are still on the wild, spreading like anything. This is from a guy whose teacher certifies that he is not a bright guy in the…