Future of Spyware/Malware

When was the last time you became a victim of a spyware/adware/trojan horse. Was it today, yesterday or last week?

Or if you are a IT technician/Systems Administrator you are probably witnessing atleast one such incident everyday. We all know that most of the infections happen because of the ignorance of the users.

Won’t people ever understand the importance of their privacy and appreciate how important it is to keep their systems safe? What will it be like if every one knows how to keep malware and spyware out of their systems? To me it surely will mean bliss.

Atleast it now seems that the hardware manufacturers have also started to feel that it is necessary to create some awareness among the computer users. Surely one hardware manufacturer has had enough and they have started to do something to create the awareness. According to Dell
nearly 20% of the calls received by its desktop technical support team ends up as spyware and virus problems.

Dell has now started a new PC Security site to educate its customer about online security threats and also plans to ship anit-spyware and anti-spam software in all its computers in the future. Also when Service Pack 2 for Windows XP is released people who are still reluctant to use Mozilla may get some more protection. XP SP2 comes with an improved firewall and a version of IE with pop-up blocker.

Let us hope that things will be much easier in the future for the common man out there in the Internet


7 responses to “Future of Spyware/Malware”

  1. How can i know in my computer any spyware had been deployed or not. is there any utility available ?

  2. Hi Navan,
    I am having Adaware…When i do deep scanning to the local registry its not quarantining and Ignored:(

  3. It is the time for me to ask. Where can i find good wireless router. what kind of router is good for me. please suggest me asap.