Textile 2.0 Plugin for WordPress

Did I tell you that, “last week, I upgraded my WordPress installation to version 1.2”.

Today I decided to activate the Textile 2.0 plugin. It is a cool hack that allows us to format the posts without learning HTML(Hypertext Markup Language).

Now formatting the content is simple as
* typing * on either side of a word to make it appear *bold*
* – for -strike through-
* _ for _italic_
* display ABBREVATIONS(visitors can point their mouse to find the abbrevation) by using brackets.

This plugin can be downloaded separately if you do not have it in your WordPress installation. If you want to play with the feature that Textile offers there is a place where you can take a test drive.

Side Note:

After more than two months of blogging with Nucleus and WordPress, I have to say that I fancy WordPress more than Nucleus.

Kudos to the guys at WordPress for this wonderful piece of software.

2 responses to “Textile 2.0 Plugin for WordPress”

  1. But wordpress doesn’t enable creation of multiple blogs, creating seperate templates and pages for each category and display of blogs from different categories on the same page etc. These facilities are must-have if your blog starts growing.

    In those departments, b2Evolution (www.b2evolution.net) rocks!

    But the numero uno is MT, but alas, it is no longer free for full usage (I mean, the latest version)


  2. wordpress doesn’t enable creation of multiple blogs, creating seperate templates

    You are right there. But there are some simple hacks that enable you do that with WordPress and I hope that these things will be integrated into the WP core soon.

    Thanks for reminding me about B2Evolution. Perhaps, I may test it when I get some time.

    My comparison is only between Nucleus and WordPress. Nucleus has got extra features and a rich database of plugins when compared with WordPress. But WordPress at the moment gets my vote because of its ease of use/installation and for the small code base.