Getting back to work

Why don’t they have bank holidays every month? I loved this bank holiday weekend. Allowed my body and brain to catch up with some sleep. I had deprived myself of decent sleep for quite some time.

Good sleep, a day out in the Notting Hill Carnival, phone calls to family and friends, meeting friends and all of a sudden came today, when I had to report back to work 🙁 .

After a wild weekend, I am surprised how the work environment changes everthing. 10 minutes after entering office, you finish reading the emails and all of a sudden you get back into the groove of the things. And the week days pass as quick as the weekends. I have a busy week ahead and before I realise it will be weekend again.

And did I say 10 minutes for reading the emails. Oh!. That depends on how much spam you receive on your Inbox.