I hate these invitations

Frustrated with the growing number of of invites I get every day to join hi5.com, I decided to google a bit to find why these people are spamming me.

Any one who thinks of joining hi5.com please read the following two pages before you come to a hasty decision.


Don’t say that you are not warned.

I also have the same problems with sms.ac, a site that offer free SMS messaging service. The number of invitations I get from them never seem to stop. I have sent an email to both these people, which I am sure they will not even read.

If they don’t change tactics, I will soon be blacklisting them on my email servers.

3 responses to “I hate these invitations”

  1. Wow, someone read my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sadly, I’m frustrated. I can’t get any kind of revenge. Gmail abuse haven’t gotten back to me, a friend of mine who works there (and hi5 hit his mailing list ๐Ÿ™ ) was apparently going to talk to the legal people, but I’ve not heard anything back on that front either.

    Network Solutions, the domain provider, says they basically don’t give a damn. It’s trampling all over their AUP (Acceptable Use Policy), but they told me to take it up with their hosting company.

    The shifty bastards *are* their own hosting company (Soma Networks).

    Finally, I tried the FTC spam / online fraud stuff. They hit me back with a boilerplate “if you got spam please forward it to us” email.
    Idiots. I spent ages, explaining in the least geeky terms I could, exactly what happened.

    So… any OTHER suggestions of how to get revenge… let me know ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. After receiving the invitation from a close friend i thought it may be worth looking into. i went into the website and started creating an account. after a few steps it asked for my yahoo email address and then password!!. i just stopped and closed. the emails are sent by them autmoatically by downloading the addressbooks of those who give them their email and passwords.

  3. Yeah Navan,

    That is the most spurious bit. We know that that these people are evil and somehow they have to be stopped.

    Like Daniel said, if u have any other ideas to stop them, please share with us. I am running out of ideas. As a sysadmin the only bit I can thing of is banning them on my mail servers.