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Indic Developer Challenge

Microsoft Indic Developer Challenge

So Microsoft is conducting a contest for the students to develop applications in Indian languages.

Some of the categories for the contest are:

– Most innovative Indic Enabled Web application
– Best Application Documentation or Tutorial for the Submitted Application
– Best Indic Enabled Software Application
– Most Innovative Office application

Well… Why can’t the FOSS community promote such a contest? Any one who wants to take on this? I will be glad to participate if any group wants to conduct such an event. The courses are already based on M$ products and solutions. Now with this contest – students are going to bury themselves deeper into products.

I know that M$ has special licenses for educational institutions and an academic license is not as costly as the commercial ones. But even then… we will be better of if we promote opensource software – starting with the school students.

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2005 :: Year of the Wikis

Every one believes that 2005 will be year of the wikis. Like blogs which dominated last year, this year WIKI be the buzzword. This month’s Linux Magazine features Wikis and other personal publishing tools as the main story. Now this reminds me of the Tamil Computer Wiki that I started a few months back. Time to give it a new leash of life.

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Crossed 50,000,000 miles and still going strong

Firefox Goodies
Firefox has rolled over the 50,000,000 downloads line. The news gets even better. To commemorate the occasion, they are giving away 50 special edition coins, printed T-shirts and a whole lot of other goodies. Way to go!

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End of 2,700-year exodus for India’s lost tribe of Jews


Reuters, April 26, 2004

In India’s remote hill states of Mizoram and Manipur, thousands of people who believe they belong to one of the Biblical 10 “lost tribes” of Israel are celebrating what they hope is their last Passover before ending a 2,700-year exodus.

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Network powered computers

Network Powered ComputerUK based dspdesign has launched a computer that does not need a separate power cable. The computer can be powered solely by a single CAT5 Ethernet cable. The new model named as POET6000 uses a flat panel for display.

IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet technology allows the system to use a single cable for both power and data, allowing economical, flexible installation by network engineers.

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Viewing tamil pages with Mozilla

Mozilla Firefox and other Gecko based browsers are plagued by a rather annoying bug where Tamil (Unicode) pages that use ‘letter-spacing’ or ‘text-align: justify’ tags are rendered incorrectly. Voice on Wings has published a decent hack work-around for this problem. Windows 98 users can read this.

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Testing Mini Blog

Wow!!! I like this mini post functionality in Blix. This is cool. Is n’t it!?

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Wiki running on WordPress

Following this from Photo Matt. Can not understand why a Wiki is running on WordPress.

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Exploring Gentoo

The last few days, I am playing with Gentoo Linux. I have read loads of reviews that talked highly about this distro. But even then I have to say that I am very much impressed by Gentoo’s speed and versatility.

Looking at the last few years, I can see that I am regularly changing my Desktop Linux distro every two months. First it was Fedora, then Debian (which followed a series of Debian based distros.. Kanotix, Ubuntu) , SuSE and now Gentoo. No matter which distro I start with, after a few weeks the Operating environment will deviate very much from the standard out-of-box installation. At least with Gentoo, I think I have an option to run the official packages.

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50 years on and still not eradicated

Dr. Albert SabininIt is 50 years since the fight against polio started. The first inoculations of children against polio began in 1954. The first vaccine against polio was invented by Jonas Salk in 1952. However it was only after Albert Sabinin, 1962 produced the oral polio vaccine in 1962, the fight against polio gained momentum.

WHO(World Health Organisation) which initially planned to eradicate polio completely by 2000, later setup 2004 as a deadline. However according to the latest reports, there are more than 1,200 cases throughout the world with some african countries counting for most of the cases. 129 cases are reported in India. Pakistan, Afganistan and Egypt are other countries were polio is still endemic.

There is a perfect vaccination available for polio and that it can be eradicated soon. Please make sure that all the children you know get the vaccination and also pass on the message to other uninformed people. Let us make Polio the second disease to be eradicated after ‘small pox’.

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